08 noviembre 2009

Programa 7 Noviembre 2009

· Michael Kamen Logan And Rogue (2000 – X- Men) Decca Records

· François Couture – Mademoisell (2009 – My Little Book Tome 1) Disques Boguei Records

· Paul Jensen – Mountain Raven (2008 – The Other Side) Paul Jensen

· Rishi & Harshil – And Now For Something Completely Differente (2009 – Didgeridoo Drum Dance) Music Mosaic

· Anatoly Pereslegin – Model 4: John (2004 – Passion Models) Electroshock Records

· Create – A Glimmer Of Hope (2009 – In The Blink Of An Eye) Groove Unlimited

· Jonteknik – Time – Neon Multimedia Remix (2009 – Ambituous) Jonteknik Music

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Unknown dijo...

my name is Massimo Discepoli, and I'm a musician from Italy, producing my own music under the
Nheap moniker.
I' ve just released my new album, Skymotion, whose music is a mix between jazz and electronic,
ambient and avant-garde, experimental and melodic.
I'd be glad to submit it to you for radio airplay, you can download it at:

http://www.nheap.com/nheap_skymotion_(2009).zip or at:


Maybe you could prefer to listen to some tracks at first....so have a go here :
(feel free to use these , or any others tracks, for radio airplay)

this is one of the more jazzier tracks: http://www.nheap.com/audio/nheap_hldrrr.mp3
this is one of the more straighter, melodic tracks:


my album is available for sale on iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody and others online vendors,
and of course on http://www.nheap.com and http://www.acustronica.com

Best regards